We Pick Up Where You Deliver

Pregnancy and birth can be stressful, luckily placenta encapsulation is easy. Once you've booked, the only thing you need to do is give birth, contact us, and we do all the rest! Our certified placenta specialists pick your placenta up from your birth location so you don't have to do anything after your baby is born to get your capsules. The best part? Most often, we can deliver your order to you within 48 hours.

Delivering at a birth center or in your home? No problem! We pick up anywhere you deliver. Serving all birth locations in the Portland Metro area, including Vancouver.


Our Commitment to You

Safety, reliability and trustworthiness are values we exhibit with every interaction.
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Qualified and Certified Specialists Qualified and Certified Specialists

Trusting us with your placenta is an honor that we take seriously. Our independent placenta specialists have completed training and are certified.

Quick Delivery Guarantee Quick Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee delivery of your placenta preparations within 48 hours if you have booked your services prenatally.

Relentless Safety Protocols Relentless Safety Protocols

We place safety at the center of everything we do. Our procedures are followed the same way, every time, for every family.

On Call Service On Call Service

There’s enough stress over due dates, our placenta service is ready, no matter when you deliver. Our specialists cover every day of the year.

Pricing & Options Pricing & Options

We offer two methods of preparation for your placenta capsules to choose from. You can also add on a Placenta Tincture, Placenta Fruit Smoothie Cubes, or a Placenta Balm.

Online Booking Online Booking

Get all set up with us in a matter of minutes.  Our easy online process gets your placenta encapsulation on our calendar from your phone or computer.  Click the button below to be redirected to our booking form.

Our Client Experiences

Michelle L. (Portland)

“Great value, quality, and convenience. I am glad that I chose to encapsulate my placenta and would recommend your service to others.”

- Michelle L. (Portland)
Wislene S. (Beaverton)

“I loved everything about your placenta encapsulation services. My capsule delivery was within a couple days after my baby was born. I had more energy to take care of my newborn and toddler. I also noticed that my mood was improving. With my first daughter I had postpartum depression and this time around I didn’t even feel any baby blues!”

- Wislene S. (Beaverton)
Rebecca R. (Portland)

“I chose you because all of the care you take to make sure you have certifications was very important to me. I think the cost was absolutely worth it and would do it again in a heartbeat. I loved all of the personal touches that you added, like the little cord heart and my placenta print.  I had such a terrible time with PPD and low milk supply last time and didn’t experience that at all this time around. I would recommend encapsulation to anyone with a history of either.”

- Rebecca R. (Portland)

Customized placenta medicine for

any type of birth and every kind of mom.

No matter how you choose to give birth, you can take advantage of the healing properties of your placenta.  Your body creates the placenta for the purpose of sustaining life in the womb. Mothers everywhere attest to the benefits they experience as they give their body back the nutrients and hormones the placenta stored for them. Placenta encapsulation isn’t only for “crunchy” mamas.  It is possible for all types of birth, even if you need to have a surgical delivery. 



ok… but isn’t that kinda gross?

The beauty of hiring a certified placenta specialist is complete removal of the gross factor. The placenta or “afterbirth” as many call it is inspected by your provider after you deliver your baby.  Then it is placed in a clean container and labeled with your name.  If you choose to keep it for placenta encapsulation, the container will be placed in a cooler or frozen food bag with ice so it is ready for transport. There is no need for you or your support person to handle the placenta. Our certified placenta specialists pick it up, clean it, process it, and return it to you in dried powder that is packed into capsules.  No mess, no stress.



Does placenta encapsulation actually work?

More energy, feeling more balanced, quicker healing, increased milk supply, and reduced anxiety.  These are some of the claims postpartum moms report about their experience taking their placenta pills.  You are unique and your results will be too. In addition, every pregnancy is different from the last. Thankfully, placenta consumption has been a topic of research for about 100 years and there is relevant information available about the possible benefits and risks. We’ve gathered some research and info from a recent local survey to help you make the decision for yourself.


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